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Nature - our best teacher

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

I was out for a Sunday evening walk with Bailey which is one of my favourite ways of bringing joy into my life. Seeing her get excited and giddy, move from one area of grass to the next and looking back at me to make sure I’m still there. Honestly, dogs really are the best aren't they?

As I walked, I began to take in my surroundings and practice some mindfulness. I noticed the gorgeous blue sky, the sun setting behind the clouds giving them an orange border and the different shades of green. I crossed the road and happened to look down at a daffodil that had bloomed and it was so bright and beautiful. I noticed that it was the only one out of the bunch that had bloomed yet and this got me thinking..

How nature is unapologetically itself

A beautiful rainbow appears after a rain shower or dark and grey storm

The moon turns up even when the sun is still in the sky

A flower will bloom regardless if any of the others have started

The leaves have no problem changing colour - from green to orange, red or brown

A tree loses it's leaves, making it bear but is ready for the next season ahead

I started thinking about us, as human beings and how we could take a leaf out of natures book.

Nature can teach us that:

- There is room for everyone

- You don't need to wait for others to start something

- You don’t have to follow the crowd

- You don't have to dim your light for anyone

- Things come to you at the right time, be patient

- It's ok to be who you want to be

- Beauty exists within ourselves

So, the next time you are out in nature, remember all of the life lessons it has for you. Take the opportunity to stop and look around you, enjoying the beauty of blue skies, blooming flowers, tall and characteristic trees and bright colourful leaves. You won't regret it my love.

Have a glorious day loveen.


Worthy of Wellbeing


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