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Worthy of Wellbeing

Reiki Healer, Mindful and Meditation Practitioner

Roscommon and Online

Workshops and Holistic Sessions

I work with people who own memberships, run group programmes and I also support corporate workforces such as busy offices, hotels, factories and solicitors. Work and life can be incredibly stressful, and when people aren't getting the support they need, everyone suffers; both them and the business. We all know that when wellbeing and mental health is put first, employee retention rates improve, sick days decrease, morale is boosted and productivity sky-rockets.

Healing Sessions

For your membership or group programme

My Healing Sessions are designed to support people with

Deep relaxation
Subconscious shifts
Energy shifts
Mood improvements
Better sleep
Mental clarity

Modalities I often incorporate into my sessions are: Journalling, Breathwork, Meditation and Reiki Energy Healing.


We can discuss what feels best for your community.

These sessions are hosted either in person or online via Zoom.

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"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Christine's Reiki and Mindfulness sessions both in her group setting,
and when she hosted a guest workshop in my group programme, Sensitive Soul Society. Christine is the most
wonderful, empathetic soul who creates the calmest and safe space for you to enjoy and ground yourself. I
was completely new to Reiki before I met Christine and it is now one of my favourite acts of soul care, because
of her! I cannot recommend her enough"

Jess Frost @iamjessfrost
Holistic Empowerment & Emotional Resilience Coach


"Christine has a beautiful ability to connect to others and provide a safe space for others to explore the
benefits of reiki. Gently guiding them and advising them throughout the session. It allowed the space to be
inclusive and soul filling with everyone at different knowledge and understandings being able to actively
participate. I would recommend Christine's workshops to anyone who is wanting to quiet their mind and
connect deeper to themselves. A space for people to retreat within and connect to their own inner world."

Stevie - Joanne Mc Cormick @starsbystevie
Life Coach & Astrologer

"Christine came and did an online reiki session for my membership, The Business Bread & Butter Club in one of
our monthly self care sessions. We were so excited as many of us had never tried reiki before and the
experience did not disappoint! Christine is an excellent practitioner who made us feel relaxed and at ease. A
few of our members found the experience quite an emotional release and all of us said we had a great night's
sleep afterwards! Thanks again Christine, I would definitely recommend it!"

Tiff @thefemalephoenix & @thebusinessbreadandbutterclub

Wellness Sessions

For your business or organisation

My Wellness Sessions are designed to support busy
employees & professionals with:

How to better manage stress
How to look after your wellbeing
Ways to fill up your own cup
How to live more mindfully
Breathing & Mindfulness exercises
How to start mediating for better mood, sleep and presence.

Modalities I often incorporate into my sessions are
Wellness Coaching, Breathwork, Journalling and Meditation.

It completely depends on your business's unique needs.

Wellness Sessions can be hosted in person or online.

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We invited Christine from Worthy of Wellbeing to host a wellness morning for our staff at the Abbey Hotel Roscommon recently. All our lives are hectic, sometimes we are all running around at a frantic pace trying to juggle a moderate work life balance. As a family run business and employers ourselves, we have a duty of care to look after our staff and provide them with an enjoyable and all round holistic environment in which they feel valued. We greatly appreciate the work and commitment of our staff both at the hotel and in our leisure centre and felt they deserved a little time out to reflect, relax and see the benefits of a mindfulness session.


Christine was lovely and provided an all round holistic session for one hour. All our staff who attended felt recharged afterwards. It’s certainly something I would recommend for employers to use with their staff and indeed a great way to recharge the body and mind

Geraldine Grealy, Director of Marketing & Public Relations,
Abbey Hotel, Conference & Leisure Centre Roscommon

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